As long as an existing swimming pool shell functions well and has no inherent problems, there are several hundreds of ways and more, to convert existing sterilized swimming pools into more natural or completely naturally filtered vessels of water. In fact, a conversion method is only limited by a budget or lack of imagination.


For naturally filtered water, the most popular ecological systems will either incorporate a planted zone within an existing pool shell, or adapt the existing plumbing to filter the water through an aquatic garden somewhere adjoining, alongside or nearby the existing shell, dependent upon the space and budget available.

Minimal space

For areas where space is limited, the system is slightly more complicated and will include a compact mechanical and biological filter which appears similar to a sand filter, but contains micro-organisms and helpful bacteria to further achieve the cleaning process when a 1/1 swimming zone to planted zone is not a possibility.

EcoPools Speciality Filter System

To acheive our goal of crystal clear water our filtration systems can be tailored to your budget your budget and design specifications.

We have great faith in our Bioengineering department and Dr Davis in particular, whom has developed several treatment systems that for all intents and purposes fit every need that our clients will require. Our systems are highly adaptable and function extremely well when incorporated with new-build or conversion projects and are easily compacted to function alongside more biologically advanced systems.