Who We Are

EcoPools Brasil work with a modern, cloud based company structure that draws on the experience of an international network of environmental professionals, whom physically operate in separate parts of the World. Our virtual approach allows us a freedom of information and resource exchange that helps us to remain better updated with the World’s leading technology within our field and, therefore, better equipped to tackle the challenges that face us on the ground, wherever that may be.

Dr. Jerome Davis (CEO. South Africa)
Ph.D. in Bioengineering (Royal University of Gent, Belgium). IOB extraordinary Member for South Africa.

Dr. Davis had his first encounter with aquatic systems in 1984, working in commercial aquaculture in Israel. Over the next 31 years he has been designing aquatic ecosystems for scientific and commercial application around the globe.

He has a B.Sc. in experimental biology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, an Honours degree in Ichthyology, and a Masters degree in Aquaculture, both from Rhodes University. He holds a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Gent University, Belgium.

Dr. Davis is the director of EcoPools, the company that pioneered Natural Swimming Pools in South Africa and is the market leader in Africa. He is also head of research and development for aQua-design, a Bioengineering company which designs and installs plant based ecosystems for the cleansing of water in commercial applications and larger water bodies, as well as total water management strategies for property development.

EcoPools have been installing Natural Swimming Pools and natural aquatic ecosystems since 2006. Using Bioengineering principles rather than the conventional hydrological approach has resulted in EcoPools developing smart, inexpensive purification systems that can be created in almost any situation using locally available materials. EcoPool systems are consequently being adopted in a wide range of countries, including those which do not necessarily have access to hi-tech equipment or materials.

Andrew Jones (Director UK - Czech Republic)

Dip.(Hons.) Landscape Architecture (Greenwich University, UK).

Andy discovered the magic of water while studying Landscape Architecture in the early 1990’s and has followed this interest with passion for over 20 years. In 1995 he became a director at Ebb and Flow Ltd., a company specialising in pond and wetland systems for dirty water cleansing.

Responsible for a diverse range of landscape projects throughout the United Kingdom, he fostered an increasing sensitivity to the subtleties of water and its applications in promoting healthy, enlivened landscapes through the use of Flow form Water features. Projects included designing and building landscapes in schools, hospitals and therapeutic institutions as well as ecological gardens for private clients.

Andy has been working independently since 1999, establishing a reputation for water landscapes in The UK and internationally. A pioneer of natural swimming ponds he designed and installed the first natural swimming pond in the UK. A multi award winner at numerous Royal Horticultural Society shows in the UK, he designed and built the first permanent biodynamic display garden in "Garden Organics" in Coventry, opened by HRH Prince Charles in 2008. In 2011, he began his collaboration with EcoPools and has since built landscaped EcoPools in the UK, Spain, France and Chile.

He aspires to being part of a society that is searching for innovative ways to enhance our sense of connection with nature, through developing an understanding of the true spirit of water. In 2014 he established EcoPools in The Czech Republic and continues to work with other designers, sculptors and artists, looking to develop landscapes in exciting new directions, with a respect for water at its heart.

James Conway (Director Brazil)
Dip.(Hons.) Landscape Architecture (Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education. UK) Dip. Sustainable Municipal Environmental Management for Rural Areas (University of Granada. Spain)

Jamie specializes with ecologically beneficial residential development. Trained in the UK as a landscape architect, he has worked on several projects worldwide and in 2006 won an award for innovation from the European Fund for Regional Development in Spain, for the development of a sustainable residential and environmental design studio.

Involved with local government agencies in the development of nature trails and organizing section 21 schemes, seminars and events for local communities in Andalusia, Jamie became interested with natural swimming environments in 2007, when invited to present a design project for a competition level 4000m² sustainable water-feature for Bio-Top Spain, to educate and inspire visitors to the National Museum of Design in Barcelona.

Upon relocating to Brazil in 2011, he initiated a new company to assist local construction professionals with the adoption of sustainable methodology. Inspired through “living buildings”, permaculture and aquaponic techniques, conventional architectural and engineering processes are adapted where possible and re-arranged to produce residential projects that are sustainable, more educational in their nature and work in tune with their surrounding ecology.

Determined to strengthen the introduction of ecological pools in Brazil, Jamie discovered EcoPools in 2014. His solid European experience in the construction of swimming pools, added to the advantage of the expertise of EcoPools in the development of Natural swimming pools in tropical regions, allowed him to lead EcoPools forward in Brazil in January 2015 .