Why EcoPools

Built in Europe for more than three decades, the Natural swimming pool concept has been spreading across the world and now occupies a prominent place in the Global construction sector, increasingly dedicated to using sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We call our pools EcoPools because we create them as integral, living ecosystems. However, Natural Swimming Pools™, Eco Pools™, Organic Swimming Pools, Nature Pools, Chemical Free Pools, Ecological Pools, Green Pools, Wetland Pools, Bio Pools, Biological Pools, Mountain Pools, Spring Pools, Reed-bed Pools, Pure Water Pools, Plant Pools, Freshwater Pools, Swimming Ponds are all names for the same concept - with variables as to how they filter water and how 'alive' that water is kept.

EcoPools pools offer many practical benefits: low maintenance; low cost of electricity; water with pleasant temperatures and
perfect quality all the time. Moreover, their effects on health are highly noteworthy. In fact, most water that we find in our daily lives is effectively dead due to modern sterilization processes, that is where a dip into an EcoPool is a totally different experience, naturally purified water and therefore full of life.

Our designs are cutting edge and we are unique in our strengths: biological innovation, creative design, refined aesthetics, attention to detail, truly biomimetic and ecological solutions.

We work with a flexibility that allows us to provide inspired and tailored solutions to our clients that match budget, ecological requirements and aesthetic taste.


Conventional chemicals, shock treatments or further expensive services are eliminated by choosing a natural swimming pool. Besides, EcoPools use much smaller and efficient pumps that help to cut electricity consumption by upto 60%. Although our filtration systems are permanently running, we widely utilize airlift pumps: they are extremely quiet, oxygenate water as it moves and often allow for more flexibility in the overall filtration design. More compact and efficient pumping systems allow clients to further lessen their carbon footprint by electing wind or solar powered options to deliver energy only when and where it is required.


Construction costs vary considerably with design, filtering systems and the client choice of construction materials. The ‘shell’ costs of an ecologically filtered swimming pool are exactly the same per m² as a conventional swimming pool. The consideration to take into account is the amount of space that nature needs to filter water where conventionally, it is compacted into a filterbox and chlorinated. To achieve a natural filtration, the swimming pool requires an aquatic garden within, alongside or nearby. The challenge that we face for our clients is to select the right material to achieve the right job in the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing manner to fit the available budget.


Existing pools can be converted or new pools constructed from scratch. We welcome collaboration with architects, builders and landscapers. All of our projects are managed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings to a superior quality that will enhance the value of every property, garden, or development.