"I have always wanted a swimming pool. I first read about natural pools in the Permaculture magazine and thought 'great' because I really dont like chlorinated pools. I was brought up swimming in wild water like this. We are very pleased. I'm amazed how clean it has kept, and its a beutiful thing to look at." Fran Mosley, Gloucestershire

We are delighted at how the Flowform Pond has transformed our garden, complementing the natural backdrop and is now a favourite haunt for us and house guests to while a way time and take in the splendour of the garden throughout the seasons. Anne Barrett and Mark Webber, Buckinghamshire

"Outside, we were particularly envious of Sally's swimming pool, a large, romanticpond. Like the house, although only recently finished, it was hard to believe that had not been there a lifetime." Judges of Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating magazine.



everybody loves the pool, especially the children and grandchildren. We have two pump up boats which the children love to play pirates in. The Flowform is a great focal point, loved by  birds, newts, dragonflies and humans. Just sitting on the deck with a glass of wine in hand is a great way to unwind on a summers evening. I have found a wet suit to be a good investment for the cooler months. Thanks Andy for the Pool! Sylvia Rice, Dorset